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Meet Lara

Hey girl! I'm a photographer that loves inspiring confidence and capturing celebrations that are MEANT to be remembered! Years from now, you'll want to look back on the things in your life that are currently worth celebrating. Whether it's your friends, milestones or even your body (because, let's face it, you're one hell of a babe), I want to create a tangible way for you to embrace the goodness your life holds so the celebration never ends!

I'm passionate about making sure every portrait we create is one that you'll absolutely cherish. Not only that, but I want to make sure your friends will fall in love with them too! These sessions are designed to create timeless images you can share and use on social media in order to continue celebrating your favorite memories!

One of my favorite parts of working together is making your session YOURS. I love learning about all the lovely things that make you so special and incorporating them into your portraits! Because everyone is different, your session will be a unique representation of everything about you worth celebrating! 

Meet your Photographer

Hello gorgeous!


what you need to know


Typically Scottsdale, Arizona but I'm always up for traveling!

Q: Where do the photo shoots take place?


Yes, I provide a list of Scottsdale based recommendations upon booking!

Q: can you provide location + activity suggestions?


I have a variety of collections that are designed to best suit your needs! You can find them on the investment page or contact me for a custom quote!

Q: How much is a photo session?


Nope! It's for every type of celebration! Birthdays and bachelorette parties are popular, but it can also be as simple as celebrating yourself or your girl squad! 

Q: is this just for BACHELORette 


I make paying SUPER simple by emailing one invoice that takes debit or credit! 

(Hot tip: group sessions are crazy affordable when everyone Venmos part of the cost to the person paying!)

Q: What form of payment do you take?

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