Simply Celebrated

Hey Girl! Cheers to Celebrating YOU!

Hey, girl! I’m so happy you’re here and I wanted to take a hot second to tell you more about me, my business and why I’m so crazy passionate about it!

The Girl Behind the Camera:

I’m Lara, a creative entrepreneur that loves photography and inspiring confidence in others. I think it’s easy to get lost in comparison and forget how incredible we all are, which is why I’m dedicated to capturing everyone’s shine. I’m passionate about raising women up and creating images that reflect the things they should be proud of. There’s an incredible amount of value in celebrating  friends, milestones, self-love and body positivity — which is why I created Simply Celebrated!

What is Simply Celebrated:

SC is a photography service in Scottsdale, AZ that’s all about celebrating YOU. Why? Because there’s so much goodness in your life worth getting excited for! I’m passionate about documenting that goodness and creating images that remind you how special you are. These photographs are created to help you feel empowered and confident in the way you look, the friendships you’ve made and the milestones you’re celebrating!

How it began:

Two years ago, an amazing group of ladies traveled to Scottsdale to celebrate their best friend getting married. During their vacation, they hired me to photograph a piece of their celebration. I absolutely loved capturing images that embraced who these women were and the wonderful bond they shared with one another. When I asked one of the girls what inspired them to hire a photographer for their weekend celebration, she said:

“We’re all childhood friends, but we all live in different parts of the country now. This is one of those times when we’re all together and we knew we’d regret not getting photos of something so special to us.”

Something clicked when she said that. All of them being together was a celebration of their friendship and the images we created gave them a way to cherish that celebration. After working with them, I became incredibly passionate about helping women feel empowered to celebrate the things in their lives they care so much about!

My Goal:

I want to create a photoshoot that represents you and the positivity in your life. I want the photos we create to be a tangible way to remind you how loved you are and how special your life is. Finally, I want to preserve the memories you’ll always cherish so that the celebration never really ends.

So, whether it’s you, your gals or the party of the century let’s make sure it’s all photographed, remembered and Simply Celebrated.


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